A good exchange of ideas across the boundaries: Kayoko Children Home

The talk on children home in Indonesia and in Uganda. Chat between Stephan Limboki, the leader of Kayoko Children Home in Indonesia from Indonesia and Felix Obonguta from Uganda studying in Japan
Chat between Felix from Uganda, Stephen from Indonesia and Yoshio Iwamura from Japan. All of us are looking forward to visiting each other.

We had a special guest today from Uganda. Felix has helped the distribution of handmade masks from all over Japan, to the city of Kampala in Uganda. ウガンダから,手作りマスク支縁をウガンダへ送りだしてくださったフェリックスさんが訪ねてくださいました。

A call from Stephen Limboki has arrived. It was not scheduled at all. It was such a timing, and it became to be a great time to talk to each other on Kayoko Children Home, for Stephen from Indonesia, Felix from Uganda, Miwa and Yoshio from Japan. All of us are willing to visit each other, to Uganda, to Indonesia, and to Japan. 予定していなかったにもかかわらず,インドネシアの孤児の家をみてくださっているステファンさんから電話でした。孤児の家建設などについて言葉をかわし心が交わる時間となりました。インドネシア,ウガンダ,日本・・・おたがいを訪ねたいと切に願っています。

Over a supper, we have exchanged the ideas on resurrection. The resurrection of the disaster affected land is one of the big issues. The concern on the land of Uganda, the resurrection of the land, the disappearing of Uganda’s snow and the dessert in Afghanistan into the green land, they all overlapped in conversations tonight. 環境破壊,貧困,飢餓について,ウガンダの状況もわかちあっていただきました。「「田・山・湾の復活」が私たちのたいせつなテーマのひとつです。

Please join us. Visit any time, and contact us. みなさんもいつでもいらっしゃってください。

Next volunteer activity will be at Village Sagara in Kumamoto, Kyusyu. 次の国内ボランティアは11月7日から九州熊本県相良村で脱穀です。どんなかたでもご参加になれます。

Volunteer activity participation contact is written here. Let’s join! コンタクトはこちに書いてあります。ぜひご参加くださるようにおすすめします。



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